My random thoughts!

His office calls are office calls, her office calls are not so important calls.
His ME time is ME time, her ME time is kitchen time.
His Tea time is tea time, her tea time is making TEA time.
His WFH is WFH, her WFH is work from home and work for home.
He paying the bills is a responsibility, she paying the bills adds no value.
He getting the groceries is sharing the load, she getting the groceries is part of her job.
His vacation time is going to his place, her vacation time is also visiting his place.
He looking after the…

I was told a story by my late maternal grandmother, which I have been recollecting for a few days.

The story goes like this-
A family of six members had a cow and it used to hardly give milk of around half a liter per day. Every day the head of the family used to yell at the cow for being less productive and the other members of the family were joining to his rhythm. This was the usual morning routine for them.

One fine day, the family found out that the cow is dead. And they started the rituals…

Sumana woke up to the sound of the alarm, but her exhausted and sore body wanted to rest for some more time. Her monthly cycle started the previous night. She snoozed the alarm for more half an hour and went back to rest.

Sagar, her husband, made her black coffee by the time she woke-up. Her mom-in-law was busy in cooking, while her dad-in-law, was occupied with the little boy of the house, he was getting the little boy ready for school.

Sumana suddenly got up with the sound of the alarm.

It’s a dream.

But the feeling of everyone…

Seta, the Curry Saviour-

Seta is a married woman with two kids, who are in their teens. Relishing chicken is the Sunday regime at their home. Since many years, seta never got the opportunity to relish the pieces, as the bowl gets cleaned up by the time she eats. One fine Sunday, after the cooking, seta kept apart of the chicken curry aside, and the rest on the lunch table. Once the kids and husband completed their eating. She brought out the other bowl, which she stored for her and enjoyed it to the fullest. And ate to the content…

In today’s digital age, enterprises both established and emerging, can’t simply take action relying on stale insights, which leads to pre-defined and undetermined results. A true in-memory data platform, like SAP HANA, should be leveraged by companies, which can support the real-time processing for transactions and analytics of a company’s data.

SAP HANA, an intelligent data-driven platform, which aids to harness the power of your organisations’ data. And also helps in accelerating trusted results and outcome-driven innovations by developing live solutions for real-time critical decisions. …

Patan Patola Sarees From Brand Mandir

The Patan Patola Saree is not only the pride of our country but also the most luxurious and expensive fabric. This is been weaved in the Patan region of Gujarat, in India. Right from 700 families dedicatedly weaving this fabric, the count has now come down to three, that know the art of Patola weaving in our country, out of which few of the families are not ready to teach the art to outsiders, not even to their daughters but to their daughter-in-law’s to maintain the monopoly. which is why this art is dying. Some families are hiring interns to…

Ramya Kethepalli

Writer, Editor, Thinker, Coffee Aficionado.

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