Sumana woke up to the sound of the alarm, but her exhausted and sore body wanted to rest for some more time. Her monthly cycle started the previous night. She snoozed the alarm for more half an hour and went back to rest.

Sagar, her husband, made her black coffee by the time she woke-up. Her mom-in-law was busy in cooking, while her dad-in-law, was occupied with the little boy of the house, he was getting the little boy ready for school.

Sumana suddenly got up with the sound of the alarm.

It’s a dream.

But the feeling of everyone helping me overcome my pain is priceless.

She thought that these things don’t happen in real. And pushed herself to start the chores of the day. She is expected to satisfy her in-laws and husband at home. Her boss in the office.

She is living a life, but not under her terms.

This is not the story of every woman, but most of the woman are still living their life under the terms of others, be it husband, in-laws, etc.

Woman, a beautiful and wonderful creation of God. She is the one, who nurtures our life.

Respect her choice. Respect her Feelings. And acknowledge her presence.

Care for her, when she needs you the most. Help her overcome her pain, at least in the days of her monthly cycle.


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